Sandhill Cranes and The Delta

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Here are some pictures I took between passing storms on the Delta. Took some of the Sandhill Cranes feeding in fields along Guard Road. Also along the same road, I took pictures of a vineyard and an irrigation canal that branches off Sycamore Slough. Guard Road runs into West Cotta Road that eventually leads to Turner Road that crosses Thornton Road where I turned north. Then left on Woodbridge Road, I took more pictures of wildlife birds. Eventually I lingered on Woodbridge Road to take pictures of the sunset with flooded fields in the foreground and Monte Diablo in the distance. For equipment, I used a Nikon 300s with a Nikon 80-400mm telephoto lens and a wide angle 12-24 mm DX lens. Also I used a tripod with a gimbal. And perhaps the most important attribute to possess is patience. I keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue and that virtue is its own reward.

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