Wilder Ranch Bike Trails

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I took some pictures of the coastline along the Pacific Coast Highway. I started at Wilder Ranch State Park taking pictures as I rode my bicycle along their bike trail. The bike trail follows the coastline along the edge of the cliffs overlooking the rocky coves and beaches. Later after eating a calamari sandwich on the pier, I took a picture of Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Then I decided to take the long way back to Stockton following US Highway 1 around the peninsular to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Along the way, I stopped at a beach where people were flying kites to surf to take more pictures. On the last stop, I took a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in the late afternoon. A great escape from the heat of the Central Valley this summer.



4 thoughts on “Wilder Ranch Bike Trails

    • Glad to share. Thank you. The late afternoon lighting was great on the bridge to bring out the golden red color. Sometimes you get lucky.

  1. Derrell, your photos along the Pacific Coast Highway are so beautiful! I would love to ride the Wilder Ranch Bike Trail! know you enjoyed your ride across the Golden Gate Bridge! Great photography!

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