Scenes along the Mokelumne River and Sutter Creek

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I took some pictures of the Mokelumne River along Electra Road near Jackson, California.  The river was above its banks where you can see some tree trunks in the water. I saw a few poppies growing along the banks. I took a picture of Sutter Creek from the footbridge  near the historic downtown.

While I was on a guided tour of Heritage Oak Winery, East Woodbridge Road, Acampo, California, given by David Yu during the Bird Safari class offered by Olli, Osher Life Long Learning Program, I took the last two pictures there. The vineyard goes south to the Mokelumne River. The last picture is the flood water from the winter rain storms. The main river channel is about a quarter of a mile farther south. The owner had planted a new vineyard in the bottom land close to the river levee. That vineyard is now underwater. I learned that a lot of farmers and vineyard owners are impacted by the Mokelumne River flooding.


4 thoughts on “Scenes along the Mokelumne River and Sutter Creek

  1. Your photos of the Mokelumne River and Sutter Creek are lovely! The pretty poppies- and the photos along the river and creek are “very relaxing” to view! Thanks for sharing!

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