Edge of Night on The Delta

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I like to capture light as day becomes night. I took these images from Bacon Island Road. It’s a levee road on the Middle River in The Delta. I was near Bullfrog Marina and near Amtrak Railroad Track that parallels California Highway 4 through The Delta. The train crosses the Middle River over a drawbridge. There’s an old dead tree in the river where herons love to perch. I guess to watch the sun go down.


6 thoughts on “Edge of Night on The Delta

  1. I love your 2,3,4,5 photos: beautiful compositions and the colors of the sky. Super. You have capture the moment. Keep on shooting.

  2. I so enjoy your photographs. Hope you are safe and not anywhere near those devastating fires. Praying for all affected. Merry Christmas! Wanda

    • Thanks, Wanda. I appreciate your comments. Always I like to read them. So far I’m safe from devastating wildfires. I live in The Delta rather than in hill and mountinous areas. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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