Pacific Flyway, The Delta, California

Here are six photos that I took of the returning Sandhill Cranes to the Pacific Flyway. The Pacific Flyway includes the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in California. The cranes, geese, and other wild birds like to feed in the cornfields after harvest time. The Sandhill Cranes to my eyes certainly seem to enjoy themselves along the Pacific Flyway.

I added five more photos: a great blue heron, a family of cranes with their juvenile cranes and a view of Mount Diablo, California.

4 thoughts on “Pacific Flyway, The Delta, California

  1. We have Sandhills cranes here in Florida, but not in such numbers. I can just imagine the noise with that many. I like that funny sound they make!

    • Thanks. Yes the sandhill cranes are noise and appear to be quite social. I guess they have a lot to say to one and another about their journey on the Pacific Flyway..

    • Thanks, Susie! Always happy to share my photos. It’s really great to see the return of the migratory birds like the sandhill cranes. Hope to more of them soon.

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