Swans and Geese in Staten Island Preserve, California

Here are five pictures of some tundra swans and cackling geese enjoying one of their favorite spots along the Pacific Flyway. Staten Island Preserve is surrounded by levees in The Delta. I turned my VW Eurovan into a mobile blind. I set up a tripod with a gimbal to support a telephoto lens inside the van where I could sat to shoot photos with the side door open. For me, I had a lot of fun and enjoyment too. And there’s a lot to be thankful too.

6 thoughts on “Swans and Geese in Staten Island Preserve, California

    • Thanks Susie. You’re always welcome: I’m glad to share. It was fun to watch and to take photos of the swans and geese. The swans arrive in December and leave in January.

  1. Your photographs are beautiful. Sometimes capturing the moment feels so good, like everything is coming together and the results are just fantastic. And sometimes it is more stressful and just not that enjoyable. Happy to read that this moment was a precious one for you! Thanks for sharing them. Marcella

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