Downtown Stockton

Recently I took six photos of Downtown Stockton since one new building and one new traffic feature has been added there. What’s new? The San Joaquin County Superior Courthouse and a new roundabout at the intersection of Miner Avenue and San Jaoquin Street. Also I took a photo of the Nippon Hospital built in 1919 and three views along McLeod Lake.

4 thoughts on “Downtown Stockton

  1. Derrell, your photos of downtown Stockton are beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all the photos – the Nippon Hospital built in 1919- the new courthouse- and the views along McLeod Lake!🤗

    • Thanks Susie. Glad you enjoyed the pictures of downtown Stockton. I understand that Stockton had a large Japanese community downtown. The Nippon Hospital is the only remaining building from that Japanese district.

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