Amador County Golden Landscape, California

I took these landscape photos in Amador County in the Gold Country. I mostly took these photos along Latrobe and Greilich Roads in Amador County in California. These roads mostly parallel California Highway 49 in the Gold Country. The grass on the hillsides is mostly dry with a golden yellow color contrasted with the green oak trees and the blue sky. This scenery is typical of the foothills in the middle of summer here.

Snow Geese in Staten Island Preserve, California

Here are five photos that I took on a recent trip to Staten Island Preserve. These are pictures of snow geese or white geese on the fresh green delta grass in the Preserve. The Staten Island Preserve is located near Walnut Grove, California.

Shiloh Wind Farm Blue Sky Green Grass

Here are five pictures that I took recently on a drive around Shiloh Wind Farm near Rio Vista, California. I took these pictures along Birds Landing Road and Montezuma Hills Road on a day with blue skies and green pastures.

Pacific Flyway, The Delta, California

Here are six photos that I took of the returning Sandhill Cranes to the Pacific Flyway. The Pacific Flyway includes the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in California. The cranes, geese, and other wild birds like to feed in the cornfields after harvest time. The Sandhill Cranes to my eyes certainly seem to enjoy themselves along the Pacific Flyway.

I added five more photos: a great blue heron, a family of cranes with their juvenile cranes and a view of Mount Diablo, California.

Solano County Wind Farms California

Here are some photos that I took early this morning driving through Solano County Wind Farms. You can see safflowers blooming on the hills. There are some beautiful examples of Victorian architecture in the area. Solano County wind farms look great in the summer because of the safflowers are in bloom on the hills.

Solano Wind Project, Northern California


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I took these photos in the Solano Wind Project and also in the Shiloh Wind Project near Rio Vista, California. These wind projects are located north of California Highway 12 between Rio Vista, California and Grizzly Island. They are bounded on the east by the Sacramento River and on the west by Suisun River. At the northern tip is Birds Landing, California. The area is mostly ranches, pastures, and wind farms on low rolling hills. Some of the sheep ranches have the Dorper or blackhead sheep. Montezuma Hills Wind Turbines, Rio Vista Wind Turbines, Solana Wind Project and the Shiloh Wind Project are great places to take a tour  of over 1,000 plus wind turbines.

Sunset Staten Island Preserve, California


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Frequently there are beautiful sunsets on The San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta. I took this sunset from Staten Island Road while Canada geese and sandhill cranes were returning from feeding to their night refuge in flooded cornfields and other wetlands. The Delta is mostly flat with few or small trees so there is mostly an unobstructed view of the sky and sun. The flooded cornfields provide reflecting pools for the sunset colors.

Staten Island Preserve Take 3

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I visited Staten Island Preserve for the third time this fall season. It’s located in the California’s Central Valley and is one of the Pacific Flyways. You learn from the Kiosk at the entrance that it’s wildlife friendly farming.  So it’s mostly conservation farms and ranches there. Here are some pictures I took there.

Bear Valley, Colusa County, California

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Despite intermittent showers, I took these pictures of spring landscapes found in Colusa County near CA Highway 20 between Williams and Clearlake, CA. In the Coastal Range there’s Bear Valley Creek that flows into Cache Creek. Bear Valley Road follows the creek and the valley which has cattle ranches. You can find many varieties of California Wildflowers there too.