Downtown Stockton

Recently I took six photos of Downtown Stockton since one new building and one new traffic feature has been added there. What’s new? The San Joaquin County Superior Courthouse and a new roundabout at the intersection of Miner Avenue and San Jaoquin Street. Also I took a photo of the Nippon Hospital built in 1919 and three views along McLeod Lake.

Quail Lake, Stockton, California

I walked from my place to a nearby Quick Stop to buy one Mega Million ticket to have a chance to win the 1.6 billion dollar jackpot. I brought my camera to take some pictures along the way. Maybe I don’t really need to win the jackpot. Maybe my neighbor is enjoyable enough.

Oakland Waterfront California

Here’s a mosaic of pictures I took while strolling the Oakland Waterfront last Saturday afternoon. There are lots of events, activities, music, etc. I had fun and I enjoyed the many sights and views of the Jack London Square and the passing sailboat regatta.

San Diego Sightseeing

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My friend who owns a Mini Cooper invited me to join him from Sacramento, California to Pasadena, California to participate in The Mini’s Take The States 2018, a partial leg of the event. He decided on a short side trip to San Diego before returning to Stockton, California. Here are some pictures I took there on a quick sightseeing tour. It was short but fun simply because ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere’.

Stockton Waterfront & Nippon Hospital

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On an early morning trip to Downtown Stockton, I took a few pictures of the waterfront and the Historic Nippon Hospital. For me, it’s nice to go for a walk in the early morning light. Most everything looks good in the early morning light.

Student in Paris 1972

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I took these B&W pictures while I was a student in Paris fall semester of 1972.  The first picture is a self portrait of my standing in front of the armoire where I kept my clothes in ma chambre rented from a Russian émigrée, la Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, last lesson of French class at the Sorbonne, person lighting a votive in Notre-Dame de Paris, Cathédrale de Notre-Dame, and Cemetière de Père Lachaise. Joyeux Noel. Merry Christmas, and Feliz Navidad.



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During a visit to the Sacramento Zoo, I took some pictures of the American Flamingos, a yellow day lily, and a white poppy. City parks often provide photographers great opportunites to take pictures of exotic animals and flowers without the expense of long trips to faraway places.

Lunch at Sam’s Cafe in Tiburon

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I took a few pictures of Sam’s Cafe in Tiburon, California and views from its back deck and dock where boats can tie up to eat lunch. Tiburon is also accessible by ferry boat from San Francisco. The view includes the skyline of San Francisco, Alcatraz, and Angel Island. I enjoyed eating crab cakes on the deck of the restaurant established in 1920 with awesome views of the San Francisco Bay.