Stockton Rural Cemetery, California

I took these photos during an Olli Bird Safari guided by David Yee. The Bird Safari went to Stockton Rural Cemetery. I learned that birds like to live in the valley oaks there. The cemetery keeps and maintains the original valley oaks and natural landscape. There are many different styles of tombstones and markers. I imagine there are lots of interesting stories about the history of the City of Stockton. I also learned that birds and birders like cemeteries simply because they are public and quiet.

Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple, California

Recently I visited the Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple to take these pictures in the early morning light. The statures are beautiful with vivid colors and details. It’s located in South Stockton off Freeway 99 on Carpenter Road. It’s also called Wat Dhammaram. Their website is

Downtown Stockton

Recently I took six photos of Downtown Stockton since one new building and one new traffic feature has been added there. What’s new? The San Joaquin County Superior Courthouse and a new roundabout at the intersection of Miner Avenue and San Jaoquin Street. Also I took a photo of the Nippon Hospital built in 1919 and three views along McLeod Lake.

Raindrops + Blossoms


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After a rain shower, I took these photos of neighborhood flowering magnolia tree tulips and ornamental cherry trees. I find just after a rain is a wonderful time to capture rain droplets on blossoms. You can find these flowering trees around Quail Lakes Drive, Stockton, California.

Quail Lake, Stockton, California

I walked from my place to a nearby Quick Stop to buy one Mega Million ticket to have a chance to win the 1.6 billion dollar jackpot. I brought my camera to take some pictures along the way. Maybe I don’t really need to win the jackpot. Maybe my neighbor is enjoyable enough.

San Diego Sightseeing

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My friend who owns a Mini Cooper invited me to join him from Sacramento, California to Pasadena, California to participate in The Mini’s Take The States 2018, a partial leg of the event. He decided on a short side trip to San Diego before returning to Stockton, California. Here are some pictures I took there on a quick sightseeing tour. It was short but fun simply because ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere’.

Zen Photography Class: Color

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I’m taking a Zen Photography Class offered by OLLI, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UOP, Stockton, California. Our first assignment was color. Here are ten pictures I submitted for the first project. I took some of the pictures around my neighborhood and the others were take in Miracle Mile, an early shopping center developed from downtown Stockton. I cropped some of the pictures using some of the suggestions by the critique of the instructor and other class members. I’m finding the class helpful in seeing pictures of mundane objects around me that I have tended to look pass.