Dogwood Tree in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California

On a recent visit to Calaveras Big Trees State Park, I found this one flowering dogwood tree. I took these photos of it. This one dogwood tree seemed to be at peak bloom. As always, I find beautiful scenery there.

Poppies in the Sierra Foothills on Earth Day.

Here are ten pictures that I took on the 50th Earth Day Celebration. I found these poppies and lupins in Calaveras County, the Gold Country, near Jackson, California. It was a beautiful Earth Day full of spring color. I was surprised to find so many poppies on the hillsides.

Rock Creek Road, Calavaras County, California


Here are six photos I took on a drive down Rock Creek Road or near the road. I find early spring a good time to visit the area simply because of the green grasslands with wildflowers, vernal pools, rock outcropping, and Salt Spring Lake.

Campo Seco State Landmark, California

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Here are some pictures that I took of the California State Registered Landmark, no. 257. It’s located northeast of where I live in Stockton, California. It’s a small place with little traffic in the foothills. But it does have U.S. Postal Service there.


Day’s Journey to Milton, CA

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On a day trip to Milton, California, with a fellow photographer, I took some pictures along the way. We drove from Stockton, California, via Highway 26 to Jenny Lind Road, to Milton Road, and to Rock Creek Road. We returned to Stockton on Highway 4. I learned that Milton was established in 1871 as a terminus for the Southern Pacific Railroad. It was named after Milton Latham, an railroad engineer. Milton was the first town in Calaveras County to have a railroad. I used a Nikon D600 FX with a Nikkor 50 mm normal lens and a Nikkor 20 mm wide angle. Calaveras County is one of my favorite spots to photograph simply because the past remains into the present with little or no modernization.

Campo Seco, California

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On the way back from taking pictures of wildflowers along Electra Road, I stopped at Campo Seco, California. Here are seven pictures that I took there. Campo Seco is a Historic Landmark in Calaveras County. It was founded by Mexicans in 1849 for copper mining in the area. I used a Nikon D300s with a Nikon 18 to 200 mm DX lens.