Amador County Golden Landscape, California

I took these landscape photos in Amador County in the Gold Country. I mostly took these photos along Latrobe and Greilich Roads in Amador County in California. These roads mostly parallel California Highway 49 in the Gold Country. The grass on the hillsides is mostly dry with a golden yellow color contrasted with the green oak trees and the blue sky. This scenery is typical of the foothills in the middle of summer here.

Poppies in the Sierra Foothills on Earth Day.

Here are ten pictures that I took on the 50th Earth Day Celebration. I found these poppies and lupins in Calaveras County, the Gold Country, near Jackson, California. It was a beautiful Earth Day full of spring color. I was surprised to find so many poppies on the hillsides.

Salt Spring Valley

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Here are five pictures I took while driving through Salt Spring Valley. The valley is part of the Gold Country. It lies between Copperopolis and Milton, California. From Highway 4 near Copperopolis I turned down Rock Creek Road that goes through the valley and I ended at Milton. There are farms, ranches, wind pumps, cattle, horses, green pastures, and wildflowers in the valley. I used a Nikon D600 FX camera with Nikkor 50 mm lens, 20 mm lens, and telephoto 70 to 300 mm lens. A magnificent day for a picnic!


Gold Country to Del Porto Canyon

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Here are some pictures that recently I took on several day trips to the Gold Country in Northern California along Highway 49. I visited Historic Folsom, Volcano, Sutter Creek, Mekolumne River near Jackson, and finally a day trip to Del Porto Canyon. I used a Nikon D600 FX camera with Nikkor 50 mm lens and 20 mm lens. Great weather and beautiful blue skies.