Quail Lake, Stockton, California

I walked from my place to a nearby Quick Stop to buy one Mega Million ticket to have a chance to win the 1.6 billion dollar jackpot. I brought my camera to take some pictures along the way. Maybe I don’t really need to win the jackpot. Maybe my neighbor is enjoyable enough.

Fall Equinox on Lodi Lake, California


Here’s a mosaic of three pictures I took of Lodi Lake and Mokelumne River. I was participating in a Bird Safari. There were plenty of birds but unfortunately for me they were too small and too fast to photograph. Nonetheless their habit is beautiful.


kayaking on Lodi Lake, CA

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Here are some pictures that I took from my kayak on Lodi Lake, California. The lake is quiet and serene. There are beautiful wildlife birds in the vicinity.  Also I’m discovering that I can get closer to birds in the kayak. Great fun: kayaking and photography.