Japanese Garden in Micke Grove Regional Park, California

Here are seven images that I took with a Nikon Z 6 using a Nikon Z 85 mm lens of scenes within the Japanese Garden located in Micke Grove Regional Park near Lodi, California. It’s a quiet tranquil colorful place nestled under huge valley oaks. This beautiful spot is almost hidden from view in the Central Valley. For me it’s a delight to discover in the early morning light. The garden is only opened in the morning from 9 am to 1 pm.

Sandhill Cranes at Woodbridge Road, Lodi, California

Here are ten photos that I took of Sandhill Cranes at Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, Lodi, California. The fields in the Reserve are flooded to help create a habitat that cranes like. The cranes like to eat the bugs and insects found in the flooded fields along with the corn stalks left behind after harvest. I enjoy observing and photographing the cranes here.

By the way, the Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival is Friday, November 1, to Sunday, November 3, 2019, for celebrating the return of the cranes.

Fall Equinox on Lodi Lake, California


Here’s a mosaic of three pictures I took of Lodi Lake and Mokelumne River. I was participating in a Bird Safari. There were plenty of birds but unfortunately for me they were too small and too fast to photograph. Nonetheless their habit is beautiful.


Micke Grove Japanese Tea Garden

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Springtime in Micke Grove Regional Park between Lodi and Stockton, California. It has a small but nonetheless beautiful, tranquil Japanese Tea House and Garden. For me, it’s a great place to take landscape pictures.

Woodbridge Ecological Reserve

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Here are six pictures that I took while joining the OLLI Bird Safari Outing to Woodbridge Ecological Reserve near Lodi, California. We saw many different kinds of wild migratory birds there like blue herons, sandhill cranes, and more. The birds were backlighted by the sun so they were mostly in silhouette. David Yu was our instructor who gave us lots of information about the migratory birds found in the Reserve.

kayaking on Lodi Lake, CA

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Here are some pictures that I took from my kayak on Lodi Lake, California. The lake is quiet and serene. There are beautiful wildlife birds in the vicinity.  Also I’m discovering that I can get closer to birds in the kayak. Great fun: kayaking and photography.