Lupines at Folsom Lake, California

I took these photos of lupines at Beeks Bight on Folsom Lake last April 1, 2022. The weather was ideal: sunny, warm, blue sky, and with a wind speed of 3 mph. Of course there were plenty of lupines in bloom. I had a wonderful time taking photos there.

North Table Mountain Superbloom

On a trip to North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve, Oroville, California, I took these pictures there of the wildflowers in blooms. It was Easter and there were many wildflowers like lupines, purple owl’s clover, poppies, and many other blooming wildflowers. The whole mountain plateau looked like a giant Easter basket full of colored eggs or ,in this instance, colorful wildflower blooms.

Poppies in the Sierra Foothills on Earth Day.

Here are ten pictures that I took on the 50th Earth Day Celebration. I found these poppies and lupins in Calaveras County, the Gold Country, near Jackson, California. It was a beautiful Earth Day full of spring color. I was surprised to find so many poppies on the hillsides.

Wildflowers along Electra Road, California.

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Here are some pictures of wildflowers that I took on a picnic with a couple of friends. We had the picnic along Electra Road that follows the Mekolumne River. There are lots of interesting and beautiful wildflowers there on the hillside including poppies, thistles, Mariposa lily, miniature lupines, and more. I used a Nikon D300s with a Nikon Micro 6o mm lens for close-ups. Electra Road is off of Highway 49 near Jackson, California.

Mokelumne Wildflowers

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Drove my VW Eurovan from Stockton to Jackson, California, Friday, along Highway 26. Then turned north on Highway 49 toward Jackson. Crossed the Mokelumne River and lastly turned right on an one lane road that parallels the river. Took these pictures of the wildflowers along the way. I used a Nikon D300s with a Nikkor micro 60 mm 2.8 lens and a Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 lens. Nature gone wild.