Almond Blossoms in The Central Valley, California


While driving around near French Camp, California, I took these six photos of almond orchards blooming there. It was a beautiful, sunny day.  For me, the almonds blossoms are a sure indication that spring is arriving soon. The almond orchards around French Camp and Lathrop tend to bloom during the last two weeks of February.

Spring Blooms in Stockton, CA.

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Spring arrives early in Stockton. I took some pictures of tulip magnolias, pansy and daffodils that I found in my neighborhood. It was an overcast day so I darkened the background of the tulip magnolias. It’s always nice to see the first blooms of spring especially on Valentines Day!

Zen Photography Class: Texture

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Here are ten pictures that I submitted to my Zen Photography Class. The photography assignment was texture. I took pictures of raindrops, a poodle of water with reflections, cashews, peanuts, dark chocolate candy, part of an oil painting, etc. It was a delightful and challenging assignment. In the end, I got to taste the texture of the peanuts, the cashews and the dark chocolates. Delicious assignment. I might have another piece of chocolate.