Rock Creek Road, Calavaras County, California


Here are six photos I took on a drive down Rock Creek Road or near the road. I find early spring a good time to visit the area simply because of the green grasslands with wildflowers, vernal pools, rock outcropping, and Salt Spring Lake.

Salt Spring Valley

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Here are five pictures I took while driving through Salt Spring Valley. The valley is part of the Gold Country. It lies between Copperopolis and Milton, California. From Highway 4 near Copperopolis I turned down Rock Creek Road that goes through the valley and I ended at Milton. There are farms, ranches, wind pumps, cattle, horses, green pastures, and wildflowers in the valley. I used a Nikon D600 FX camera with Nikkor 50 mm lens, 20 mm lens, and telephoto 70 to 300 mm lens. A magnificent day for a picnic!