Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple, California

Recently I visited the Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple to take these pictures in the early morning light. The statures are beautiful with vivid colors and details. It’s located in South Stockton off Freeway 99 on Carpenter Road. It’s also called Wat Dhammaram. Their website is

Khmer New Year in Stockton, CA.

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Here are some pictures that I took as I walked around Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple on Carpenter Road near Highway 99 in Stockton, California. This weekend is the Cambodian New Year Celebration. There’re a great deal of food, displays, music and more celebrating the Cambodian New Year 2013. I used a Nikon D600 FX with a Nikon 24 to 85 mm. A beautiful day and a colorful celebration!