Amador County Golden Landscape, California

I took these landscape photos in Amador County in the Gold Country. I mostly took these photos along Latrobe and Greilich Roads in Amador County in California. These roads mostly parallel California Highway 49 in the Gold Country. The grass on the hillsides is mostly dry with a golden yellow color contrasted with the green oak trees and the blue sky. This scenery is typical of the foothills in the middle of summer here.

July Flowers in the Neighborhood

I received a new Nikkor Z MC 105 f/2.8 last Friday. So I was curious to try it on my Nikon Z6 camera this morning. Here are some samples that I took with it of flowers in the neighborhood. For me, it seems to have great detail, nice color rendition, and good bokeh. The flowers include African lilies, society garlic, marigolds, day lily, and roses. Happy Fourth of July! Nature also puts on colorful fireworks too I believe.

Day’s Journey to Milton, CA

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On a day trip to Milton, California, with a fellow photographer, I took some pictures along the way. We drove from Stockton, California, via Highway 26 to Jenny Lind Road, to Milton Road, and to Rock Creek Road. We returned to Stockton on Highway 4. I learned that Milton was established in 1871 as a terminus for the Southern Pacific Railroad. It was named after Milton Latham, an railroad engineer. Milton was the first town in Calaveras County to have a railroad. I used a Nikon D600 FX with a Nikkor 50 mm normal lens and a Nikkor 20 mm wide angle. Calaveras County is one of my favorite spots to photograph simply because the past remains into the present with little or no modernization.

Sunday Sailing on the Delta

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I took these pictures while watching sailboats tack west down the San Joaquin River on a late Sunday afternoon. I was siting on the Brookside Levee Road near the Stockton Deep Water Channel. I used a Nikon D300s with a Nikon 70-300 mm telephoto zoom lens, a Nikon 12-24 mm wide-angle DX lens, and a Nikon 35 mm normal DX lens. An engaging day on the San Joaquin Delta. Smooth sailing.

Stockton and the Delta

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Here are more pictures of the Delta Region, San Joaquin River, and the City of Stockton, California. I took these pictures wandering around the Delta with a Nikon D300s camera and several lenses: Nikon 18-200 mm DX lens, wide angle 12-24 mm DX lens, and a Nikon 35 mm DX prime lens.

Delta Region California

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This Monday morning, I took some of these pictures of Delta Region Waterways and fields. It was sunny but little breeze. So the water in the slough was still and filled with lots of reflections. Water Hyacinths, a serious weed, clogged many of the waterways and sloughs. Others of the cornfield and the ferry I took in the late afternoon the week before. These scenes were along the Bacon Island Road off Highway 4 near Stockton, California.

Dahlia Garden Golden Gate Park

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Here are some pictures that I took of Dahlias at the Conservatory of Flowers in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. I used a Nikon D200 camera with a prime DX 35mm lens. The overcast sky provided diffused lighting that help to enhance the colors of the flowers.

Bodie State Park, California

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Took these pictures at Bodie State Park, California. It’s located off US Highway 395 between Lee Vining and Bridgeport, CA. I arrived early in the morning before crowds of tourists arrived and the weather was cool. So on an early summer morning, I was able to take pictures without a lot of people in the scenes. I used a Nikon D300s camera with Nikon wide angle lens DX 12-24 and a prime lens DX 35.