UOP Campus Tulip Magnolia Blossoms, California

I took these seven photos of the University of the Pacific Campus in Stockton, California. The tulip magnolia tree was blooming near Morris Chapel on the campus. The Conservatory of Music may look familiar simply because Hollywood has used this building for numerous movie locations.

Tulip Magnolia Blossoms

Tulip Tree Blooms Spring 2021

Tulip magnolia blooms are among the first blooms of spring here in The Central Valley, California. Here are seven photos that I recently took of some magnolia tulip tree blossoms in my neighborhood. Beautiful colors.

Magnolia Tulip Trees in Bloom

Here are ten pictures that I took of Magnolia Tulip Trees around Stockton, California. They bloom during February here every year.

I delight in photographing the tulip tree blooms in the Central Valley every year.

Raindrops + Blossoms


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After a rain shower, I took these photos of neighborhood flowering magnolia tree tulips and ornamental cherry trees. I find just after a rain is a wonderful time to capture rain droplets on blossoms. You can find these flowering trees around Quail Lakes Drive, Stockton, California.

Spring Blooms in Stockton, CA.

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Spring arrives early in Stockton. I took some pictures of tulip magnolias, pansy and daffodils that I found in my neighborhood. It was an overcast day so I darkened the background of the tulip magnolias. It’s always nice to see the first blooms of spring especially on Valentines Day!