Swans and Geese in Staten Island Preserve, California

Here are five pictures of some tundra swans and cackling geese enjoying one of their favorite spots along the Pacific Flyway. Staten Island Preserve is surrounded by levees in The Delta. I turned my VW Eurovan into a mobile blind. I set up a tripod with a gimbal to support a telephoto lens inside the van where I could sat to shoot photos with the side door open. For me, I had a lot of fun and enjoyment too. And there’s a lot to be thankful too.

Staten Island Preserve: The Champs-Elysées for Migratory Wild birds

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As I was taking photos of the migratory birds along Staten Island Road, California, I kept thinking that it’s like a Champs-Elysées for them. It’s a place to see fellow birds and to be seen by fellow birds. There are a lot of cackling geese, tundra swans, and sandhill cranes. The preserve is part of the Nature Conservancy. Happy New Year 2019!

Staten Island Revisited

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Welcome to The Delta the sign reads as you turn off I-5 and go west on Walnut Grove-Thornton Road toward Staten Island Road. Here are some pictures of tundra swans, sunset and twilight that I took along the way. In the distance you can see the levee that keeps the river water out of the fields in the summer but in the winter the fields are flooded becoming beautiful reflecting pools for sunsets and wildlife.