Lupines at Folsom Lake, California

I took these photos of lupines at Beeks Bight on Folsom Lake last April 1, 2022. The weather was ideal: sunny, warm, blue sky, and with a wind speed of 3 mph. Of course there were plenty of lupines in bloom. I had a wonderful time taking photos there.

North Table Mountain Superbloom

On a trip to North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve, Oroville, California, I took these pictures there of the wildflowers in blooms. It was Easter and there were many wildflowers like lupines, purple owl’s clover, poppies, and many other blooming wildflowers. The whole mountain plateau looked like a giant Easter basket full of colored eggs or ,in this instance, colorful wildflower blooms.

Poppies in the Sierra Foothills on Earth Day.

Here are ten pictures that I took on the 50th Earth Day Celebration. I found these poppies and lupins in Calaveras County, the Gold Country, near Jackson, California. It was a beautiful Earth Day full of spring color. I was surprised to find so many poppies on the hillsides.

Spring Color in Carrizo Plain

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I captured these images on a road trip to Carrizo Plain National Monument in San Luis Obispo County in California. I was amazed at the extent of the colorful blooms I saw there. I guess the many spring blooms are the results of the long rainy season we’re having here in California.

Rock Creek Road, Calavaras County, California


Here are six photos I took on a drive down Rock Creek Road or near the road. I find early spring a good time to visit the area simply because of the green grasslands with wildflowers, vernal pools, rock outcropping, and Salt Spring Lake.

Bear Valley, Colusa County, California

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Despite intermittent showers, I took these pictures of spring landscapes found in Colusa County near CA Highway 20 between Williams and Clearlake, CA. In the Coastal Range there’s Bear Valley Creek that flows into Cache Creek. Bear Valley Road follows the creek and the valley which has cattle ranches. You can find many varieties of California Wildflowers there too.

Carrizo Plain National Monument

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While I was spending a sunny afternoon visiting the Carrizo Plain, I took these nine pictures. Carrizo Plain is located in San Luis Obispo County, California. It’s about a 4 hour drive south from where I live in Stockton, California. The awesome wildflower blooms had passed their peak but they were still a delight to see. It was my first visit there and I was amazed at the scale and extent of the blooms on the plain and on the hillsides. The Carrizo Plain inspires me to appreciate Earth Day.