Geese Egrets Sandhill Cranes in The Delta, California

Here are nine photos that I took of wild birds in Staten Island Preserve and Woodbridge Ecological Reserve in California. Geese and sandhill cranes have recently arrived in the Delta here. These wildlife refuges are part of the Pacific Flyway.

Cranes and Geese Share the Preserve

I took these five photos of sandhill cranes along with cackling geese in two wildlife viewing areas. The first one is Staten Island Preserve and the second one is the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve. Both of these viewing areas are along the Pacific Flyway in the Central Valley, California. These migratory birds seem to delight in their winter home.

Happy Holidays!

Sandhill Cranes at Woodbridge Road, Lodi, California

Here are ten photos that I took of Sandhill Cranes at Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, Lodi, California. The fields in the Reserve are flooded to help create a habitat that cranes like. The cranes like to eat the bugs and insects found in the flooded fields along with the corn stalks left behind after harvest. I enjoy observing and photographing the cranes here.

By the way, the Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival is Friday, November 1, to Sunday, November 3, 2019, for celebrating the return of the cranes.

Woodbridge Ecological Reserve

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Here are six pictures that I took while joining the OLLI Bird Safari Outing to Woodbridge Ecological Reserve near Lodi, California. We saw many different kinds of wild migratory birds there like blue herons, sandhill cranes, and more. The birds were backlighted by the sun so they were mostly in silhouette. David Yu was our instructor who gave us lots of information about the migratory birds found in the Reserve.

Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, CA

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On a recent visit to Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, California, I took a picture of the new sign erected by the California Department of Fish and Game. Fish and Game flood the reserve for the Sandhill Cranes to roost at night. I understand that the cranes tend to roost in water to avoid their predators like foxes and coyotes. During the day the cranes gleam the harvested corn fields in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Spinners were added to the power lines to help the cranes to see the lines. I always delight in the return in the fall of these beautiful migratory birds. The reserve is located west of I-5 and the nearest town is Lodi, California.