Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Here are some images that I captured on a road trip to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. I took these photos around the fall equinox. From Artist Point Overlook, I took two photos of Yellowstone Lower Falls. Also, I took a photo of an early morning snow at Scaup Lake. I stayed three nights at Old Faithful Lodge Frontier Cabin where I took a picture of The Old Faithful Geyser. Again I took a few photos of hot springs at the Midway Geyser Basin and West Thump. With good luck, I encountered wildlife and I was able to take some photos of elk and bison. For me, it was quite an adventure. Absolutely, I would like to go back to Yellowstone for another visit.


Grand Teton Trip

Here are some photos I took on a trip to Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, Oxbow Bend on the Snake River, and T.A. Moulton Barn on Mormon Row. You can find these same scenic photo spots and more around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was during the fall equinox. The weather was sunny and crisp. Fall foliage was just starting to turn color. For me, it’s awesome scenery.